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My name is Wilfred Hildonen and I’m originally from Norway, but have lived almost half my life in other countries, mainly in Finland, Portugal and Sweden where I live at present. I have been drawing all my life, since I could grab a pencil. I am mostly autodidact, although I attended a couple of art educations in the early 80’s, but I had already worked a few years as a political cartoonist for local newspapers in Norway, but it never took off, because of various circumstances. Meanwhile I tried to survive with all kinds of work, in the fishing industries, on factory floors, in warehouses, as a driver, a cook et cetera, if I wasnt out of work, living on the dole, homeless and hopeless at times. 

Then, in 1991, I moved to the land of most of my ancestors - Finland. The following year my present career as an editorial and political cartoonist as well as an illustrator began and it soon took off. 

Since 1998, I have been working from home, no matter where that has happened to be. A veteran digital nomad, of sorts. Since 2016 I began to draw digitally on an iPad Pro, because I had already well over 10.000 drawings on paper, as well as a couple of hundred paintings. Not very practical when moving. 

I mostly work in Procreate, but also in Affinty Designer, creating vector based art.