Hildonens Kunstnerier


Living in Viseu, Portugal where I continue to work with the same as always, a work you can read more about below. I have a studio at a place called Cadeira Amarela or Yellow Chair, a place for creative people and business, located in the centre of Viseu. Otherwise I work from home - or on the road.

If you need illustrations, please don’t hesitate in sending me a mail! I keep deadlines:)

Hildonens Kunstnerier was the name I gave my one man firm in Norway,  and behind it you will find me, Wilfred Hildonen, illustrator, editorial cartoonist and artist. In the official index it read the following:

Activity/genre/trade: Artistic activity in the form of drawing, illustrations, painting, sculptures, writing et cetera.

What does "kunstnerier" mean then? It is a word I invented, based on the words for art and artist in Norwegian - "kunst" and "kunstner" - and it could perhaps be translated to "artisteries", which may describe everything creative one would happen to be involved with but which cannot be classified within announced and approved categories.

The main foundation for my activity consists of my work as an editorial cartoonist and illustrator for Hufvudstadsbladet in Finland, the largest Finnish-Swedish national newspaper there. This is something I have been working with since 1992.

I am open for additional tasks, though, and I work fast and deliver according to what we agree upon. Working for a newspaper on a daily basis, I am used to the pressure of a deadline. You may contact me through e-mail by using the contact form.

On these pages you will find all relevant information about me and my work, together with some galleries filled with examples of what I do. The texts to the galleries will be in Norwegian so far, but images speaks for themselves, they say, so I hope you will find your way around. If you like to see my daily cartoon i Hufvudstadsbladet, you may click on the words in bold there. 

Enjoy your stay!

© Wilfred Hildonen